Madis Tiik and Touko Aalto join Gesund Partners

Gesund Partners grows as two new members, Madis Tiik and Touko Aalto, join the team in June.

Madis Tiik (MD, Phd Healthcare Engineering) is a renowned expert in ehealth and a passionate advocate of human-centric approach to health care. Tiik has been a key contributor in many groundbreaking eHealth and healthcare IT initiatives and also works as a family doctor in Estonia. As a Gesund Partners Senior Advisor, he will focus specifically on advancing human-centric and data-driven health care.

As a former member of parliament and a current member of Jyväskylä city board, Touko Aalto has extensive background in national and municipal decision making, particularly in social and health sector. At Gesund Partners, Aalto works as a Senior Advisor and focuses on initiatives that aim to solve the most strategic health and social issues for municipalities. In his role, Aalto will actively build new forms of innovative partnerships between municipalities and the health and well-being ecosystem to drive real-world impact.

More information:
Paavo Perttula, CEO, p. +358-400-347698,

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