Gesund Partners — Key Principles Guiding Our Journey

Let us introduce ourselves. We at Gesund Partners are a group of hands-on strategists, scientists and policy experts focused on solving health and social challenges.

Why did we decide to start this new company?
In our view, there is a widespread tendency to oversimplify complex health and social issues. With these issues we mean the ones that are very hard to solve, such as Increasing prevalence of lifestyle related chronic illnesses or loneliness of the elderly. We boldly claim that one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of solving these issues is the lack of systems thinking in analysis and truly holistic solutions. Furthermore, prevalent procurement models and incentive structures in health and social care lead to sub-optimal solutions and services almost by design.

At Gesund Partners, we have decided to approach these Grand Challenges in a human-centric and systemic way to find the real key questions that lead to lasting change for the better. We want to radically challenge the status quo to improve people’s wellbeing. 

To make this happen, we collaborate with payers, organizers, providers and innovators with a shared vision and mission. Our role in the ecosystem is to recognise the root problems, bring the right (and sometimes surprising) parties together to solve those problems, co-create a strategy and to help with the execution. That is what Gesund Partners does.

Here are the key principles that guide our mission-driven journey:


Everything we do is based on our mission to solve health and social challenges. We take holistic and systemic approach in our work.


We utilise rigorous experimentation and design thinking to catalyse change, both top-down and bottom-up. For big impact, understanding of human behaviour and consumer trends is vital.


Our primary business model is value-based. We embrace long-term partnerships in forms of benefit sharing, alliances and joint ventures. We are champions of Impact Investing and value based procurement.


We’re born-digital. Platform thinking, data fluency and ecosystem mindset are in our company DNA.

In the future, we’ll be writing blog posts about key trends in the value-based health and social care transformation and explore future opportunities by seeing beyond the obvious. We’ll also let you know more about the challenges we’re focusing our efforts on. If you’re interested in creating real-world impact in health and social care, stay tuned for more of our thoughts, ideas and analyses — and most importantly, feel free to share your comments or even challenge our thinking. More carefully curated content will be shared in our Twitter feed @gesundpartners.

Best regards,
Paavo and Ville

Humble, but very excited founders of Gesund Partners

If you have any questions about who we are, what we do or want work with us, please e-mail us at Or give us a call — our contact information can be found from