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Gesund Partners is a future-oriented co-design, strategy and digital innovation consultancy. Our mission is to build a sustainable and humane society. As system architects, we take a holistic view of people’s wellbeing.

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At Gesund Partners, we are a strategic development partner and change agent for sustainable and human-oriented transformation. Our team's special expertise is related to a deep understanding of social issues and public services, as well as the development of inclusive and multi-stakeholder cooperation, with mission and impact first.

Whether it's involving a large group of participants, a participatory strategy process, ensuring cooperation and controlled change, or e.g., mass mapping of information, we know how to optimize the most user-friendly and appropriate ways to succeed in the task.


Ensure impact of your operations by embracing Co-Design processes and methods. Build shared understanding with your stakeholders and gather contextual insight by using participatory means. Identify innovative solution ideas and accumulate collective efforts to support your mission.

Strategy & Transformation

Deep, future-oriented and system-level contextual insight is the foundation for sustainable competitive advantage. Impactful operations require a clear vision, operational excellence, knowledge management and agile learning. Solutions are co-created with stakeholders and end-users to ensure creation of shared value.

Digital Innovation

Human-centric digital solutions are guided by empathetic design methods, science based understanding of the phenomenon at hand as well as systematically executed engineering work.

Meet our team

Paavo Perttula
CEO & Founder

Paavo is a versatile business executive and management consultant with over 20 years of experience. Before founding Gesund Partners, Paavo has worked for a global consulting firm, an international NGO and as an entrepreneur. He is an economist (MSocSc) by education.

Ville Koiste personal photo
Ville Koiste
Chief Value Officer & Founder

Ville is responsible for GP’s activities and actions creating as much shared value as possible, i.e. widely benefiting different areas of society, without forgetting employees or GP’s partners. Before founding Gesund Partners, Ville has worked as a management consultant and developer, e.g. At Accenture, Sitra and OP Group.

Heta Siranko personal photo
Heta Siranko
HR Lead, Partner

Heta is an experienced health care professional with a master’s degree in Health Promotion. She has wide experience in clinical roles and development work, both in private and public sectors.

Anna Liuskari
Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Anna is an experienced business management consultant who has worked especially in large change and renewal projects of organizations. Previously, Anna has worked as a management consultant on financial services at Accenture and as an advisor to health technology companies at the Danish Trade Council.

Tatu Laurila personal photo
Tatu Laurila
Strategy Director, Partner

Tatu Laurila, M.Soc.Sc, is an experienced public and private sector leader with broad experience from politics to pharmaceutical industry.

Darja Urvas personal image
Darja Urvas
Management Consultant

Darja is especially interested in themes related to the effectiveness of the social sector, leadership in the public sector, and social and health sector ecosystems.

Sanni Julkunen personal image
Sanni Julkunen
Management Consultant & Service Designer

Sanni’s special professional interests are preventive health care, the development of impactful and customer-oriented health services, personnel experience, promotion of movement, and the promotion of the well-being and functional capacity of the elderly.

Noora Kupari personal photo
Noora Kupari
Manager, management consulting

Noora is particularly interested in increasing the future capability of organizations in the social and health field and the connection between technology and human capabilities (tech for good).

Heidi Annala
Analyst, Management consulting

Heidi’s background combines the analytical examination of sustainability and well-being issues using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Jarkko Malviniemi personal photo
Jarkko Malviniemi
Chief Innovation Officer

Jarkko is a creative digitalist and has an extensive background of developing new innovations, digital services, products and data capabilities on different Industries. He joined Gesund from Siili, a publicly listed European IT consultancy.

Niklas Kokkola
Niklas Kokkola
Senior Data Scientist

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